WELDY HG 330-A 230V/2300W

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The Weldy HG 330-A hot-air gun is a particularly powerful hot-air blower that is very easy to use. This convenient hot-air gun can be used for countless applications, such as car wrapping, for example. The working temperature can be adjusted in five-degree intervals between 80 C and 650 C. Thanks to digital temperature control, the set specification temperature is fixed and remains constant regardless of the air quantity setting and the nozzle accessory used.

The easy-to-use, lightweight hot-air gun is particularly well-suited to applications like car wrapping, film application, plastic welding, cable shrink tubing, loosening screws, ski repairs, and shaping pipe flanges. The HG 330-A hot-air gun also weighs just 750g, and belongs to the Weldy family of hot-air hand tools. Of the three versions of the HG 330 device, the HG 330-A has the most functions. Temperature and air-step values can be saved in five programmable memory locations and adapted at any time. The scope of delivery of this practical Weldy universal device includes comprehensive accessories such as a wide slot nozzle, a tubular nozzle, a spoon reflector and a pressure roller.

  • a high-performance, powerful hot-air blower
  • digital temperature control for a consistent working temperature
  • versatile and easy to use, with an ergonomic design
  • five configurable memory locations for temperature and air stages

      Scope of delivery

      Hot-air blower, glass protection nozzle, tubular nozzle, spoon reflector, cardboard packaging, operating instructions

      Omschrijving Eenheid Waarde
      Spanning V~ 230
      Vermogen W 2300
      Luchttemperatuur C 80 - 650
      Luchthoeveelheid l/min 200 - 550
      Afmeting (l x w x h) mm 250 x 80 x 230
      Gewicht kg 0.75
      Beschermklasse II

      Toebehoren standaard meegeleverd:

      • 119.341Glasbeschermingsmondstuk
      • 119.343 Reductiemondstuk 20 mm
      • 119.344 Lepelreflector
      • 119.345 Lasmondstuk
      • 119.346 Overlaplasmondstuk 20 mm
      • 119.348 Aandrukrol